Meet your new anthems: GUM Distrack and Is Jacking Off a Sport?

After nearly a week of voting, delegates chose GUM Distrack (nominated by Zarel Smith) and Is Jacking Off a Sport (nominated by Leon Montan) to be our new anthems, with GUM Distrack having higher precedence. (basically means that it gets to be played first)

The race was tough. The preliminaries started with Death Bed, USSR Anthem Swampland, and Welcome to the Cum Zone advancing whilst Come Out Ye Black and Tans, BTS Playlist, and Londons Derry getting eliminated.

Next up was Divisions. This saw the advancement of Chocolate Rain, Feel Special, The Foggy Dew (Dublinders), Is Jacking Off a Sport?, USSR Anthem Swampland, GUM Distrack, and Number 15 Burger King Foot Lettuce advancing whilst the elimination of Death Bed, Til It’s Over, ASMR Moan Pounding, Fortnite Anthem, Danh Giac Corona, Come Out and Fight, Welcome to the Cum Zone, and the OG Foggy Dew.

The eight competed in the Conference Semi-Finals. Both Feel Special and Is Jacking Off a Sport narrowly secured the win at the expense at Chocolate Rain and The Foggy Dew (Dubliners). However, USSR Anthem Swampland and GUM Distrack burned Over the Golden Hill and Number 15 Burger King Foot Lettuce respectively.

The final four participated in the Conference Finals. Is Jacking Off a Sport defeated Feel Special in a 6-3 vote, whilst GUM Distrack easily won against USSR Anthem Swampland with 7-1.

Finals came and went with GUM Distrack winning against Is Jacking Off a Sport with 6-3.

View your new anthems!

GUM Distrack by Zarel Smith

Is Jacking Off a Sport? By EDP445, nominated by Leon Montan

UPDATE: A Ministerial Order was issued by the then Minister of Agreements and Development repealing Act 066 as an anthem. Refer to:

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