New Eiffel adopts seal by Cupertino Alliance, apology issued

An apology was issued by the Chair in regard to the anthems and can be seen here. Furthermore, Leon Montan also issued an apology.

I sincerely apologize for my unprofessional actions during the Seventh Session of the Parliament of the Cupertino Alliance, also known as the “69 Hour Session.” If you are unaware, I nominated multiple explicit audio clips for the position of the Alliance’s anthem, with the most notable being “Is Jacking Off A Sport,” which is a rant by Bryant Moreland, becoming the secondary anthem of the Alliance. After further reconsideration, I have realized that this action was extremely unprofessional, and I apologize to all micronationalists, and especially the delegates to the Parliament of the Cupertino Alliance.

Leon Montan

The Cupertino Alliance is currently consulting with its delegates and public to new parliamentary practice rules, which can be seen here.

On a lighter note, the Cupertino Alliance has started work on seals for different divisions. As a test run, the seal of New Eiffel was refreshed.

Old seal of New Eiffel
New seal of New Eiffel

Both parties are currently very happy regarding the results.

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