Tentative agreement reached with Aenderia; Millania rejoins the Alliance

A tentative agreement has been reached with the Fifth Aenderian Republic, and both parties agree that the planned withdraw of Aenderia, which was originally slated for 5 April 2020, will be cancelled indefinitely. This closes the chapter of an scandal starting from mid-March 2020.

The agreement, which was approved by the Parliament of the Cupertino Alliance on 3 April 2020 and the Legislative Council of Aenderia on 4 April 2020 states that Aenderia shall withdraw previous attempts to leave the CA, whilst requiring the CA to adopt Di Du Dua Di and another anthem as a third anthem. Though, delegates can choose to remove these anthems after 25 April 2020. The agreement was passed with 6/1 vote in the Cupertino and unanimous consent in Aenderia.

This deal came after a suggestion from Andy Eftin on 28 March 2020, with support from President Efton. The public also gave its support through an opinion poll hosted on the same day, with 5/3 voting in favor.

After bargaining, it was decided to move the date of withdraw to 5 April 2020 (Exit of Cupertino Extension Act, 2020) with the further requirement of the Cupertino Alliance bargaining team producing a document stating how the Alliance has been increasing its formal-ness. This was completed on 4 April 2020. (The Cupertino Framework) With the completion of these requirements, the Suspension of Withdrawal to the Cupertino Alliance Act, 2020, was submitted and passed in the LegCo.

Also, on 2 April 2020, Millania decided to rejoin the Cupertino Alliance after getting expelled on the grounds of inactivity.

The Foreign Ministry, after some contemplation, has decided that Millania shall see fit in participation of this organisation’s affairs. We humbly request to have our membership as one of the founding members restored. We will work to get an American delegate into this chamber as soon as possible … We do, however, in the interest of our citizens, require that some information in our registries not be shared internationally.

H.R.M. Nicolás Millán

The Chair received the request a couple hours later (due to timezone differences) and happily welcomed the old member back into the alliance.

I thank you for your nation’s interest in the Cupertino Alliance. As the Procedures of Membership Attainment to the Cupertino Alliance, 2020 excludes founding members from this procedure, I hereby welcome Millania back to the Cupertino Alliance. I look forward to working with this wonderful nation again.

Jayden Lycon

Millania, as well as 4 new member nations admitted last month, which includes 6 new delegates, as well as a new delegate for Ponderosa Hills, Iacof, makeup the newest additions in the Cupertino Parliament. The Alliance looks forward and is excited in working with them to increase development between all member nations.

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