Introducing – the next evolution of our free website hosting program

We established our first website back in Spring 2020. The website was rather janky, but thanks to then-CA member Soaring of Regelis, a redesigned website was launched near the end of 2020. Those were mainly the two main chapters for the frontend of our website, but we do have one more major chapter on our website’s backend.

Back in May 2021, after a disruption from our then-free webhost, we decided to endeavour on a new project- one that had never been done in this community. With funds being raised by Jayden Lycon, James Bornstein, and Tyler Mullins, we transitioned to a larger web hosting service, allowing us to host handfuls of subdomains and websites to our heart’s content. We used this space for our member states, as well as projects and other initiatives.

Member nations are able to lease a subdomain from our domain, thus having a free, secure, professional, and hassle-free environment in which they can host their governmental website. Before, they were locked into the domain- take for example Notice how it ends with

A screenshot of

Today, we are expanding this privilege to our new domain, This means that nations are able to have a domain name like or for free, allowing for a more affordable and professional solution compared to For Cupertino Alliance projects and ministerial websites, we’ll be limiting those to the domain, whilst micronations are able to choose between both domains.

We have also launched a website directory in the site, developed jointly between Redberry of the Berry Empire and Jayden Lycon of Qaflana. This site allows visitors to easily access the Cupertino Alliance website, project sites, and sites / MicroWiki pages of our member states, all in one centralized and beautiful place.

We hope these changes make it easier for visitors to navigate, member nations to create a website, and continue igniting the community to meet the technological needs of the 21st century.

The Cupertino Alliance is a micronational organization based in the MicroWiki community. Founded back in January 2020, our mission has been curating a safe and welcoming community and developing and connecting with other micronations for a better community. Some of our projects include the Nutmeg project, the Cupertino Alliance Factbook, and electorial graphics. See our website here.

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