Cupertino Reference Centre launched on Discord server; first Ministerial seal published

Logo of the Cupertino Reference Centre

The Cupertino Alliance launched the first phase of the Cupertino Reference Centre on the Cupertino Alliance Discord server. This will be an free database for everyone, if they are in or not in the Cupertino Alliance, to use for research, MicroWiki, entertainment, or anything else.

The CRC currently only has the Gazette and all member reports, though the Cupertino Alliance will be extending the lineup to include documents from the former IEU and the 2019 Cupertino Alliance. Furthermore, the Cupertino Alliance is looking into integrating it to the Cupertino Alliance website or Google Drive.

As for the seals, the Cupertino Alliance worked with Minister Pun Watta to publish their first Ministerial seal, which will be used for documentation and other purposes.

The new Ministerial seal.

The seal includes an dragon and an boat, both symbolic to the Asian continent. The Cupertino Alliance plans to work on the Minister of Membership Attainment’s seal next.

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